#stayhome and Make Money as a Cam Model in 2020

How do I make money as a cam model in 2020?

3 months ago, the general advice for succeeding in Capitalist America was to get a steady 9-5 job with a large corporation or to start your own brick and mortar business.

With the global impact that Coronavirus, Covid-19, has had on the world – much of the globe’s population is practicing ‘self quarantine’. This practice has led to the fall of the 9-5/brick and mortar model and to the rise of the online home business.

There has never been a moment in recent history where the entire human race has been forced to hide away from an invisible, deadly, virus.

Who should become a webcam model?

Everyone! The 9-5 business model is knocked down right now. You need to figure out a way to call the shots on your financial success and an hourly wage is NOT it.

You may be impacted by Covid-19 and do not qualify for any relief funds.

Thankfully, the webcam model industry is always available to you. They don’t ‘hire” you. They give you access to their live streaming platforms, like YouTube or Twitch.

When is the best time to become a webcam model?

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to become a webcam model for a website like Chaturbate.

Porn sites, like Pornhub, are reporting their traffic is going way up because of the impact Coronavirus has had on the world. The porn industry is seeing a boom because of the nature of the content and goal of the consumer.

Simply put, people are looking to cope with this high stress situation by watching porn.

By becoming a webcam model, you can be a part of the improvement of self esteem for all the stressed individuals in the world that see you.

Why would people spend on you?

People are spending way, way, way, less on everything and have extra money to spend on vices. Also, they may be more willing to spend more on vices as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of the situation.

Also, you will be providing quality content for your viewers and they will view you as a good friend to be around during all this craziness.

And – because you’re awesome.

What are you waiting for?

Start now, on Chaturbate!

Become your own boss within days by becoming a webcam model. For a complete guide on succeeding as a webcam model, please check out this carefully written guide I made.

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