Models Banned From Chaturbate Because Of Toxic Users

Have you been banned from Chaturbate? I’m sorry. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one.

While I was scrolling through the popular webcam model forum, Ambercutie, I realized there was a trend presenting itself in the Chaturbate unofficial support page.

“Help, I’ve been banned from Chaturbate!”

Is the common theme amongst the help pages.

banned from chaturbate
First page of AmberCutie’s Unofficial Chaturbate Support Page

There are dozens of models that are reporting their accounts being banned. Most of them report interactions with, what they call, “toxic” users. These toxic users then report the model under several accounts.

Then, for some unknown reason – these models actually get banned! Some of them have hundreds of dollars of tokens locked in their accounts and they cannot get them back. This is very dangerous for Chaturbate in the long term as the word gets out that their livelihood is at stake due to a very dangerous bug.

Basically, anyone can go around and demand things from models and threaten them with a very effective tactic that could get their accounts banned.

What should these models due if they depend on this income? I read a few posts of, reportedly, single-mothers, that have been banned and began to rely on it as their primary income.

Although we highly advise against making webcam modelling your primary source of income here at Wankurbate, this is definitely an issue. We have people out there in the world who are dedicating their time to this platform and there is a very simple bug that is being abused out there.

What should Chaturbate do? I highly suggest that Chaturbate do something about possibly reinstating these users’ accounts. They definitely need to get access to their funds again and return to work.

If these models are finding that their accounts are not being reinstated then I highly suggest checking out any other modeling streaming service. Check out this blog post to learn about creating more streams of income.

Have you been banned from Chaturbate recently?

Leave a comment down below and tell us your story.

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  1. wankurbate

    This is outrageous. I really hope this gets hashed out quickly and our models get back on their cam.

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