How To Become A Webcam Model Agent – $100,000/Year in Passive Income (2020)

How To Find Success as a Webcam Model Agent

Have you been researching how you can make passive income? Maybe you already have passive income but are searching for another source of income. As we know, we need several sources of income in order to lead very wealthy lives.

Becoming a Webcam Model Agent has the potential to deliver returns of up to $100,000/year in passive income. The Online Adult Modeling industry is blowing up. You didn’t miss the opportunity yet. You’re just a few hours late to the party. So, how can you get your piece of the pie?

You need to invest in this industry with time, energy, and money. What you do will return exponential future dividends that you may be able to live off of. There are many avenues when it comes to dipping into this industry. Eventually, I’d hope that you have a toe in each pool.

Income Streams For the Webcam Model Agent

You could start a website. Dissect the business model of the leading chat sites and implement them yourself on a micro-scale. You don’t need to hire globally to attract millions in revenue annually. Your team should be skilled in the following:

  1. Web Development
  2. Marketing
  3. Recruiting
  4. Business Law
  5. Finance

Maybe you’re not ready to assemble a team or just not interested in going all-in like that. I don’t blame you – developing a website may be the hardest income stream to tap into but realize that this issue may be shared with 96% of everyone who’s trying to enter this market. Thus, this may have the highest earning potential.

Alternatively, become an active recruiter for the larger businesses and reap the benefits of their already established brand. This form of income for the Webcam Model Agent would be a type of Affiliate Marketing, where you create a funnel that directs potential models and customers to your parent site and then receive a commission.

What is a Webcam Model Agent?

Have you read this article about this camgirl that earns £150,000/year? Amazing, right?

An agent would be the entity that was involved in recruiting this lady. Their income would be a percentage of her income and a recruiting fee. Multiply this across dozens or hundreds of potential models subscribing through you and you’ve just acquired a very valuable passive income.

Becoming a webcam model, or camgirl, is simple. I wrote a great guide on this: How to be a camgirl.

Becoming a webcam model/camgirl might not be what you’re interested in. You’re okay with the industry and are comfortable with it but maybe you’re just not one to hit the dance floor. Well, you can still support these individuals and provide something valuable to them, guidance and information.

You can do this by becoming an affiliate for the top webcam streaming sites, like Chaturbate, and offer your affiliate link through your own guides and blog.

How do I find the best website to become an affiliate?

Just look up the top webcam sites, sign up, and browse their affiliate program. It may also be referred to as their partner program. Sometimes, to access the information will take a few days of getting your account verified and dealing with their customer support. Once you get approved, browse their tools for affiliates and see if its one you’d like to adopt into your business plan.

What are “Model Referrals” and how do I find them?

Webcam streaming sites sometimes offer affiliate or partner programs where they contract out their advertising budget to individuals interested in spreading their links around in a more organic manner. It’s another form of paid advertising that businesses adopt. Below is a list of some of the most popular sites on the internet that have some sort of “Model Referral” program. Be sure to do your research before you dive in!

Note: Some Camsites may require you to register and validate your identity.

  2. Chaturbate
  3. LiveJasmine 
  4. iFriends 
  5. InternetModeling
  6. Flirt4free
  7. XCamz
  8. CamModelStore
  9. BongaCams

Refer to my detailed review of each website: here.

How do Webcam Agents Make Money?

Webcam Agents, or affiliates, are just making their way out of the woodwork. This is a new field that has great potential in the future. What you do now will pay in huge dividends in the future.

Now, how does a webcam agent possibly make money without being a camgirl/camboy?

  • Sign up as an affiliate on your chosen sites.
  • Gather your affiliate and referral codes
  • Promote your codes across the internet
  • People click the codes and these codes are stored in their cookies, an internet phenomenon that is basically your cattle stamp showing that they are following your lead.
  • Now that they have your cattle stamp, any action they perform is correlated back to you!

Hurray, you’ve just earned your first commission.

Note: This commission can be earned for however long that cookie stays in their system. It might not be a day but it may very well be within a month! Good luck out there agents!

What is the earning potential for a webcam model agent?

The industry standard for commission hovers around 10%. This means that if you can regularly populate these webcam sites with high producing models, then your earning potential is directly correlated to how many $10,000 month models you recruit and produce. Regardless, you’re earning potential depends on your skill as a recruiter and advertiser. Get those numbers up and possibly earn $1,000 a month off of your best models.

Thankfully, the earning potential of a webcam model is so huge, that it is in your best interest to be providing these models and camgirls with the most information so they can be the best performing camgirls on their site. If you want more information on how to be a camgirl, or maybe you want to train your models, give them my email:, or lead them to my How To Make $1,000 A Week As a Webcam Model Guide.

How I Got Started As a Webcam Model Agent

I’ve been in the online adult income industry for a while. I started by making my own tube sites and generating millions of views through my videos. Then I started developing personalized websites for models. And throughout all that, I saw a common trend of affiliate marketing is very valuable, and so I changed course and

The way I started was very similar to a lot of adult affiliates and regular affiliates alike. I wrote blog posts, comments, reviews, made videos, shared on every social networking site that you don’t even know exists, and I thought that I realized that these were all a huge waste of time! I was wrong. They were not!

I started using paid advertising and this completely changed my earning trajectory to just a few $100 a month, to my first few $1,000 a month from these sites I was making.

A trend was beginning to emerge.

The older posts and articles I had written, that had my affiliate links on them, were exponentially more valuable than any of the new information I was publishing! I saw all of my older stuff getting thousands of hits a month. Thousands of leads, huge conversion rates, BIG NUMBERS. I realized that I needed to double down on what I was doing at that moment because it would pay off in the future.

Now, I let things sit and season for months and years before I try and decide whether or not it’s a success.

How Can I Reproduce Your Success As a Webcam Model Affiliate?

The biggest secret to conversion in this market is by bringing it into the real world. The girls that probably need more money than they have and that is severely depressed so they can’t show up to the workplace on a consistent schedule is HUGE! They’re out there and their Google search results for “How do I solve my doom?” does not present them with a “Become A Camgirl and Easily Make Thousands With Your Tits.”

Here are the steps:

  1. Buy cheap hosting that is adult-friendly
  2. Have your keyword in your domain:
  3. Get a referral link that sends to the model signup page
  4. Essential: Redirect your domain to this new referral link.
  5. Print out fliers with “Make $100/hr From Your Dorm,
  6. Post them all over the city.
  7. Create a new innovative strategy

How To Use Classified Ads To Recruit Models

My belief is that this may be one of the most valuable sources of models that you may have. The reason for this is that it is scalable and you can redo it over and over in different cities. You post on websites like Craigslist, looking for models that are interested in making good money. Outline their job requirements in the ad and what they should expect to do. Provide them with more information and answer their frequently asked questions before they ask them.

Soon, you should begin to receive solicitations from prospective models that are interested in this field. Provide them with as much support and comfort as you can and lead them through your affiliate links. Educate them on the best industry practices to lead them to a successful career as a camgirl/camboy. This is beneficial to you because the more they earn, the more you earn.

Note: Honesty is vital in this relationship. Provide them with all the information they need to feel comfortable and do not lie to them.

TIP: Refer your models to multiple sites that you have affiliate links for. The more possible streams of income, the better.

How can I withdraw money, how will I get paid as a webcam agent?

Models get paid from most of these sites on a weekly basis and your pay structure will most likely mimic theirs as the payment processing is most likely done together. Withdrawing your money is easy by using 3rd party services that focus on this type of transaction. The most popular services right now are OSCheck, Paxum, and Payoneer.

By providing nothing but value to these models, you can earn money on the internet.

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