How to Become a Webcam Model – Realistically Make $1,000/week (2020)

Want to free yourself from your boring 9-5 and find financial independence? Webcam modeling might just be for you.

Hi, I’m Dev.

Web developer by day, webcam aficionado by night. This information might just earn you your freedom.

If you’re really interested in becoming a webcam model then pay attention to this article. The information within is hard to come by and it’s obvious why! These industry specifics would give everyone the tools to free themselves from their jobs.

If everyone knew how easy it was to be a webcam model, then that would make your life a lot harder.

Note: Initial investment is very minimal, you might already have everything you need.

Is it the right time to become a Webcam Model?

The best time to become a Webcam Model was yesterday, the second-best time is today. So, get started today!

The earning potential is over $100,000 per MONTH. That is what the top earners are raking in. Their income may primarily be from webcamming but there are other tricks to the trade that bring in more money, like affiliate marketing and selling merchandise (more on that later.)

What is a Webcam Model?

Webcam models come in all human forms. Big, small, tall, they have them all. The viewers are sexually charged and the platforms we will be exposing ourselves to are targeted towards the adult porn industry.

Below, I’ll place an embedded live stream of a model on one of the most popular webcamming sites, Chaturbate. Fight your urge to begin beating your meat and move on to the rest of the article.

The embedded live stream is a Chaturbate model. The viewers exchange their primary currency for tokens. They give these tokens to models by “tipping”. These tips can be transferred to your primary currency for a small fee. Different sites have different fees and the overall conclusion is that your cam site will take a percentage of your income.

What Cam Site Do I Choose?

The reality of what cam site you want to choose is very dependent on your own personal preferences. You will enjoy this hustle no matter what platform you express yourself on. Below are 3 different cam sites you can use, in no particular order.

TIP: Sign up as a model for these 3 platforms and give them each 1 week and see how you like them.

Chaturbate (Recommended)chaturbatelogoBiggest camming site on internet. A big trusted brand.
342 million monthly visitors
Join Chaturbate
Stripchat (Higher Paying Customers)stripchatlogoMultiple ways to make money.
55 million monthly visitors.
Trusted by many webcam models.
Join StripChat
Camsoda (BEST)camsodalogoEstablish yourself on this NEW platform. Don’t compete with all the pros on Chaturbate. Beautiful user interface and great customer support, all great for you. 16 million monthly visitors What are you waiting for?Join Camsoda

What do I need to become a webcam model?

Following the 80% rule, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on gearing yourself up to become ready for your first webcam show.

Of course, the biggest question is: What equipment do I need to become a webcam model?

Refer to my webcam model equipment checklist to get started with your first live cam show.

Camming Equipment Checklist

  • Desktop or Laptop: 2-4GB of RAM, 4GB recommended, Open Broadcast Software (OBS), Windows or MAC
  • High-Quality HD (1080p) Webcam: HD is a must. 1080p is a must. If your laptop came with a webcam, chances are it will not provide the best detail. Try this one out for your best return on investment.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection: It’s important to be connected to a high-speed internet connection. Streaming video to a 3rd party host takes a lot of bandwidth. It’s not important to familiarize yourself with internet terms but the most important part is that you want over 100mbps internet speed. This should be easy to come by in most of America but if you’re not in the US, then find the fastest speed in your area.

Pro Tip: Make sure there is nothing else connected to your internet when you are broadcasting/live streaming. This will give you all the use of your bandwidth.

Don’t forget that directly plugging in your ethernet cable from your modem or router to your device will give you the fastest internet connection than Wi-Fi can provide.

How do I set up my work area?

The setting of your work area can provide psychological benefits to you and your viewers. It’s important to pay attention to this and plan it out.

Figure out your goals first. Are you trying to be discreet? Do you want to deliver a fun environment that your viewers can interact with? How long do you care for your setup to take?

Once you have those questions answered, refer to this list to discover more things to take into consideration.

  • Security: Find the place in your location where you have privacy. This can be any room in your house/apartment that can fit all your webcamming equipment. You may want your windows closed and to be in the most soundproof conditions.
  • Attention: Provide your audience with a setting that will be free from anything that may cause a distraction to you or them! Keep your pets away from you while you are working and have drinks/snacks ready for when you need a quick pick me up.
  • Privacy: Pay attention to any personally identifiable qualities in your environment. You don’t want to get doxed. (Where hackers search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.)

Check out the equipment list to get a list of the things you will need to have a great cam show.

How do I know if the webcam site I choose is good?

What are the key components that I can pass on to you to give you the skills you need to evaluate the viability of any cam site? Refer to this list below.

  • Website traffic: The traffic will determine the number of customers. More traffic equals more customers. So, I chose a site with boatloads of traffic.
  • Payment processing and Terms of Payment: Find and read the payment terms. What are the options you are getting for accepting payment like Paxum, PayPal, Bank wire, etc? What is the commission rate and how are chargebacks handled?
  • Additional Features: Every cam site is different in terms of the features they offer. Weigh this into your decision when it comes to which one you want to use. Some platforms offer easier access to other streams of income, like selling nudes or videos. Those platforms might be better for someone who is interested in creating several streams of income from this industry.
  • System Requirements: Every cam site will have different system requirements. Find them out! Also, figure out what software you need to live stream on these sites. Some platforms have their own broadcasting features, while others may expect you to use 3rd party software (3rd party OBS is great).
  • Competition level: Your competitors are all making money. They are just fighting you on how much they get over you. See? There’s always money to be made in this industry. 

My professional recommendation for cam sites? Chaturbate. It is by far, the most accessible, highest-trafficked, and most popular cam site on the internet.

Cam site Verification Process

Once you’ve decided you want to become a camgirl and are willing to take the risks because you feel that you have an adequate ability at keeping your identity hidden. Then these next steps are very important.

  • If you are below 18 years of age, please leave this article as you cannot be a webcam model. Also, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to sign up for these cam sites.
  • You will need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (Identification proof). Some cam sites require one ID, others might ask for two.

And done.

Easier than applying to most jobs on the market!

PRO TIP: Take a picture with your phone and email it to the verifiers! It’s much easier!

Industry Tips to Make Your Livestream Look Professional

To look professional is just that – looking professional. This is done by putting more of your initial investment in the most important parts of your business. Those things being: your camera, lighting, internet speed/bandwidth, and your hair/makeup/outfit.

All these parts of your live stream are very crucial to your professional look – so get educated on what makes any of these good!


Depending on your kink, you may already know what you need to wear to express your sexuality. Leather, latex, etc.

But what you wear makes all the difference, so make sure that your clothes are very revealing, sexy, and bring out the best in you.

Over time, you will develop a large closet of clothing to choose from for various shows.

Tip: Beginners, start with one dedicated sexy outfit and reinvest your earnings to these outfits later.

Adult Toys

If you’re going to get ONE toy, then you should get one that is interactable with your audience. This will be another source of income that is in a category of its own – interactable toys.

Also, by investing in a variety of toys, you can provide a much more fluid and dynamic experience that will add more novelty to your live stream. This is good!

Another great benefit of having more toys is that you will also be able to cater to a larger crowd than if you were a one-trick pony!

The other benefit of your collection of toys is that it demonstrates a level of seriousness and dedication to your craft. This dedication should make your audience tip you more.

uhh. Wrong kind of toys..


Improper lighting can KILL a show. Your lighting is of great priority to demonstrate the best presentation!

It’s best not to rely on natural lighting – so learn proper lighting mechanics!

Remember my spiel on the importance of interactive toys? Well, these toys are king. Your audience is enticed to tip more because these devices respond to their tips. So, every time they tip, these toys normally respond by vibrating! Cool, right?

Below are a few on the market that is the most popular amongst webcam models at the moment. They each have their own benefits and some are more well known than others so it’s best to do your homework.

Kegel ExerciserLush 2Domi
 (Good) (Editor’s Choice) (Okay)
​Long-distance ControlUnlimited vibration patternsPowerful magic wand
Check PriceCheck Price Check Price 

As I said, lighting is very important in a video presentation. It’s important that you get it right because BAD lighting cannot be saved, even by a GOOD camera. So, get it right!

Below are a few lighting systems that are on the market. Again, these are the most popular amongst all video creators around the world. This market is more popular with the greater public, so there is a lot more information on these!

Limostudio Lighting KitHPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit
 (Highly Recommended) (Highly Recommended)
33″ Translucent White Umbrella Reflector[3 Pcs] Top Quality Light Stands
Compatible with 45W photo bulb Softbox is made of high-quality PET
[2 pcs] 86-inch Light Stand 210° Rotatable Head & Adjustable Stand
[1 pcs] 28-inch Light StandE27 socket, 2 x 85W CFL
(equal to the 800W incandescent bulb)
Saves energy up to 80% Saves energy up to 80%
Check Price AmazonCheck Price Amazon

Pro Tip: I’d recommend investing some capital into a wireless keyboard and mouse. This will enhance your ease of use and make you look more professional. Is it necessary? No.

This wireless keyboard & mouse combo will suffice. Be sure to pick up your own.

What is the earning potential for a webcam model?

Webcam models can earn a lot of income from webcam modeling. This industry also opens up other opportunities that would have otherwise been possible, like selling nudes and panties to your biggest fans. Or even selling videos. All of these extra components of merchandise add up to your collective whole net income.

With multiple streams of income comes greater earning potential. This is what they do not want you to know.

By presenting your image in a consumable, purchasable manner, you create a very easily distributed and highly wanted commodity! This is great! Because you can distribute these pictures in exponential amounts by spreading your earning power amongst all of the various distributors on the internet! WOW!

Basically, your earning potential depends on how great you structure your business. Make it your goal to sell nudes on autopilot, sell videos on autopilot, and get more and more fans on autopilot.

HARD numbers?

Not easy to make up. But look at how many people are visiting these sites. Watch the top models and calculate how much they are making. It will blow your mind!

New Revenue Options for the Webcam Model

Now that you’re a webcam model, you have a lot more opportunities to create wealth. I’ll go over just a few of the most profitable below.

  • Selling Homemade Porn Videos: Record private videos or generic ones, upload them to distributing sites, and link them from your webcam site to create a stream of income that will come to you while you sleep! This is important for the enterprising webcam model.
  • Sell Nudes: The enterprising webcam model is selling nudes as well. Through the same distributing sites and with the same advertising methods! You should be taking advantage of it as well!
  • Sell Skype Shows: Take your biggest fans off of your mother-site and bring them on a private Skype show. This is where you can potentially earn a lot more on the hour.
  • Sell used panties: People are willing to buy panties for up to $100! That’s insane, right? Time for you to figure out how to cash in on that. Like selling candy to a baby… wait? What.
  • Snapchat Premium: If you don’t have a premium Snapchat yet, what are you doing?! This is gold! Get your viewers in on this for another stream of income.
  • Become a Sugar Baby:  One day, a sugar daddy (someone with a ton of wealth), will hit you up and offer to pay you for being you. Good job! That’s a great source of income.

Being a Webcam Girl: Pros & Cons


  • Money is SCALABLE:  You have so many options in this industry to create a scalable income that can free you from your 9-5.
  • Become a Celebrity: Your viewers de
  • Be Your Own Boss: I receive so many emails from girls who were on a high paying job, but they left it for the comforts of camming.
  • Make Money While You Sleep:  The biggest advantage of this industry is its inherent ability to deliver money 24 hours a day.
  • Boost of Confidence: Your success will make you feel confident about where you are in life. You will be the driver of your own success.


  • Secretive Industry: Let’s face it. This industry is taboo and you’re going to have a hard time adding it to your public life. Just keep it private… tell your friends you do social media marketing or drop shipping.
  • Concerns for Privacy: We’re all afraid of being exposed. Try your best to keep any personally identifiable information private! Use DMCA services and be vigilant.
  • Not Instant: Unfortunately, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Fortunately, it has the potential to replace your minimum wage job.

the FAQs

  1. How can I be anonymous or protect my identity? I don’t want anyone that I know to know that I do this! HELP.
  2. Do I have to get NUDE?
  3. I think I’m ugly. Am I hopeless in this industry?
  4. What do I do if someone records my content and shares it?
  5. Are people rude, mean, offensive, etc?
  6. Can this become a regular source of income?
  7. Am I crazy to think I can make thousands?

Infographic: How to become a successful webcam model

Tips of the trade:

Content is King

You need content to share. Tons of videos and pictures of different flavors and varieties. Organize them all over the internet on the platforms that charge for access.

This is your marketing plan: Livestream on popular webcam sites > lead to merchandise sites.

Learning Curve

There is a learning curve for new models. Especially if you’ve never actually been interested in porn or have never seen a webcam model in your life! Fortunately, for you, time is your friend and consistency is key when it comes to progressing up the learning curve.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to see the holes in your distribution plan and change course. Good! You’re on track to becoming a great enterprising webcam model!

Learn From the Best

Watch the top models perform during your off time and take their best habits and introduce them into your live stream. You will benefit exponentially from this as people begin to pick up on your professionalism and great presentation.

There are so many things you can pick up by just watching the best and top performers consistently.


Get these gracious viewers to purchase the beautiful gifts that you can keep, present, and possibly return for your own profit! What great things will you put on your Wishlist? Drop it in the comments below!

The more related these gifts are to your craft, the more likely these viewers are to buy you your gifts. So, be sure not to include too many unrealistic asks on your wish list. Keep it real.

Affiliate Links to Boost Income

Make sure to always use your affiliate link when providing the link to your live stream or channel. More about affiliate links later. Just keep in mind – AFFILIATE LINK.

Below is an image of popular cam sites and the various affiliate networks they operate under. It’s important to learn about this world because this can be another substantial form of income for you.

Why become a webcam model?

The earning potential of a webcam model is substantial. You are your own brand, business, and worker. You provide exceptional value to your customers, and thus, they pay you back with exceptional gifts of wealth.

By becoming a webcam model, you take advantage of a very lucrative, and new, business model. Your product is your presentation and this presentation is very scalable, as you can make money through several different avenues at the same time. Unlike your 9-5 income, which you can only make ONE of.

Develop merch, sell videos, sell pictures, sell underwear, clothing, etc. Your earning potential is huge. The most successful models on the internet are raking in millions, even billions in the case of the Kardashians.


By completely focusing on webcamming, full time, you’ll find yourself in a position of being your own boss. Everyone’s dream!

You get to set your hours and call out sick whenever you’d like.


Your fans will shower you with love, compliments, gifts, and money. They will tune themselves to your schedule and you will soon find yourself with a large following.


How can I be anonymous or protect my identity? I don’t want anyone that I know to know that I do this! HELP.

This is the new webcam model’s greatest fear. (Unless they don’t care about being exposed. Then it is their greatest strength.)

Being exposed by physical identification is possible if someone you know happens to be a user of these webcam sites. They also must be viewing the same time you are streaming and stumble upon you amongst the thousands of other streamers. The chances of that seem low to me.

Also, their assumption is simply speculative. They may be too ashamed to even follow through with their beliefs and may chalk it up to simple coincidental.

There are things about you that you can keep private, though. These things are:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your physical location.
  3. Your real identity.

Although you do need to provide your webcam site proper and accurate documentation about yourself, that information is private.

As for deposits for your payment. It seems that all the major webcamming companies publish payments under alternate names that do not include “webcam” or “model” in their documents. You should ask your webcam company this information.

Back on the topic of hiding your identity from being revealed.


That’s powerful. You can block your home-state, even your home country, and feel very comfortable that you are only broadcasting to strangers.

Do I have to get NUDE?

Short answer? No.

Long answer? No!

Whatever problem the adult webcamming business model aims to solve revolves around sex and human companionship. You CAN find success by being a person that people constantly rely on for companionship. There is someone out there for everyone. Users have been found to pay people just for the conversations and time that they share with them.

I think I’m ugly. Am I hopeless in this industry?

First, you’re not ugly.

Second, NO! You’re not hopeless. Like I stated before, there is someone out there for everyone. There is even a category for everyone.

Find your category and place yourself within it. See how others are operating inside that fetish and free yourself from your mental constraints.

What do I do if someone records my content and shares it?

If this happens, then you can use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or the DMCA, to help you get it removed. You can do this by contracting a company to advocate for you with their takedown services.

Are people rude, mean, offensive, etc.?

Short answer. Yes.

Should you be afraid of them? No!

On these adult webcam platforms, you have total control, as the owner of the room, over who speaks. You can even put some words on a BLACKLIST. This will automatically delete the line of text or mute the person if the word is stated. Cool, huh?

You are the master of your room and your guests are your paying slaves. Treat them well and they will repay you with love and money.

Can this become a regular source of income?

I believe a person with sound philosophies and business practices in the adult webcamming industry could prolong their career as models. This long career can be a source of a very large amount of wealth.

But what about you, the average webcam model?

I believe this may be the most profitable side hustle anyone can employ to increase their income substantially. You get to take advantage of the millions and millions of visitors to these websites. Their glances and their clicks passing your live stream. This is an income that can vary greatly but is in your favor.

Am I crazy to think I can make thousands?

Thousands of dollars may be right around the corner of your consistent webcamming schedule.

Success follows the consistent and money follows success. Consistently following the philosophies outlined in this article should lead you to financial freedom through webcam modeling.

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